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LJ Interests meme results

  1. :
    I do love usin the and-hearts-semicolons.
  2. boys:
    haha. duh. how I love heart break. Oh how I love LUST.
  3. camera:
    Plain and simple, true.
  4. concerts:
    I live for a good concert. Panic! At The Disco & Hellogoodbye on Febraury 28. Nada Surf sometime in March. The Rodeo. HELLZZ YEAH.
  5. crowd surfing:
    There's nothing better than being groped by hundreds of people and getting pushed away by large security men. But, seriously, crowd surfing is the best part of concerts.
  6. crying:
    That is true.
  7. garage band practice:
    ahh shitty bands and torn up coaches...
  8. mosh pits:
    The best way of releasing anger.
  9. music:
    Who doesn't?
  10. paint shop pro:
    Yeah... that's the only reason I'm pretty...

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wow. This weekend was awesome.

Friday; Went to Ichybon with my mommy. Sushi! yay!

Saturday; First day at work. Grand opening. Got to dress up like the statue af liberty and walk around giving people coupons and standing in the street waving. Fun. Alexa came, we got ice cream. She came home with me. That night we went to Kemah. Adam and Jeremy were suppose to go but didn't. So it was Alexa, Aaron, and me. It was wayy fun. Stayed up until 7:30 in the morning talking to Jeremy

Sunday; Slept late. Went to Kemah again. This time Adam and Jeremy came, along with Aaron and Alexa. WOWZ that was fun. Made-out with Jeremy =X =D. Then on the way home we picked up Ally and Taylor and they spent the night. At like 2:30 we decided we wanted to smoke and needed some shit so me, ally, and Taylor [Alexa stayed to make sure nothing happened] "stole" my sisters car and went to Richard's apartments. Richard didn't have anything and we needed to go to Joeys but we didn't have any gas. Luckily we found a little bit of gas in a can in the parking lot. Enough to get us to Diamond Shamrock to put a whole $5 [its all we had]. We went to Joeys. We couldn't get a hold of him, so Rishard snuck into his house. He wasn't even there. It was hilarious! Then we went to Richards moms house [which was empty] and just hung out. Drank a tiny bit, all he had was resin. Got a hit of that. Then drove home. By then it was about 4:30 and we came home around 5:30. And didn't even get cought. Oh yeah! We are aweosme!

Monday; everyone left and I slept.
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I didn't go to school today. Needed a little break. ha ha. I am so emotionaly drained. I don't understand why he has effected me so much. I guess he did mean alot. I just want to be happy so bad. I hate being like this. I hate myself for loving him.
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[ mood | exhausted ]

I can't sleep.
I can't close my eyes.
I want to sleep so bad, too.
I don't want to think anymore.
Becuase the only thing I think about is him.
Ughh.. I wish.. I don't know what I wish..
I wish I could sleep.

I wish someone cared enough to read my livejournal.

a perfect time for a photo oppCollapse )

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hmm [Jan0106]
[ mood | only not. ]

It's 3:55 and i'm awake. Listening to Panic! at the Disco. I love them.

I hope everyones New Years was awesome.
Mine was pretty good.
Got drunk... I shouldn't drink anymore.
I'm to emotional when I'm drunk and I always make a scene.

I think I'm going to start using livejournal. Xanga has lost my interest and you can only spend so much time on myspace. I need a life!!!

I start work on the 13th!
And I turn 15 on the 29th!

I actually want to work. Though i will have to wake up at 6:00 in Saturday's.
But the usual shift is 2 hours on week days and 2 shifts of 2 hours on the weekends. But it's $20 a shift! cha-ching. Not to mention lots of bonuses.

I guess I should tell you what the job is? I get to dress up like the Statue of Liberty and wave on the side of the road and go into business and give out coupons. [The woring term is "marketer"]. How awesome.

AND I LOVE PROMOS and won't count it as spam. As long as the community is good and active.

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